iOS 7.1.2 and Mavericks 10.9.4 Released – A preliminary look!

Apple released iOS 7.1.2 and Mavericks 10.9.4 a few hours ago. Once again, at least the iOS update appears to be untried and untested. There is also an update for Apple TV, 6.2, although I did not see anything new or different in the brief look I had after the update.

Those attempting to update iOS using iTunes might be out of luck as the update might get stuck after a while. The OTA update seems to work fine on a few devices that I tried.

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My List of Current, Required iPhone Apps

As always, we all have our own requirements and therefore, favorites. The following is a list of apps that I have on my iPhone…some I got for free and the others I bought off the AppStore.

First, some of my paid apps…

  • PocketMoney. The first app I bought. Great personal finance app
  • GoodReader. Great app for PDFs including password protected PDFs
  • Bejewelled. All time fav TTP (Total Time Pass)
  • Abbyy BCR. The best known OCR goes iPhone for business cards
  • Gizmo5. In case you are lucky enough to have an old Gizmo account, the new Gizmo update adds support for Google voice
  • iSip. Even though Sip is blocked in India by most ISPs as my recent experience proves, it still works great for MagicJack accounts. More on the blocks and ISPs that I have tried will follow…including work-arounds
  • Mobile Maps India. The best maps and navigation for India by Sygic and MapmyIndia

Now for the free AppStore stuff…

  • Appminer. This will save you some money on apps
  • AppBzr. This will save you some money on apps
  • 1Password Pro. Although no longer free, it’s the best password manager on the Mac and iPhone.
  • Viber. Free voice calls. Finds all friends from your address book who have it installed
  • Tango. Free Video calls like Facetime, but, works great on the 3G/s as well
  • Talkatone. A free Google talk and Voice client
  • Meebo. This multi-IM works great and is free. It does require a Meebo login though
  • Skype. No comments on this one
  • Yahoo! Messenger 2. This has video has well
  • Facebook. No comments on this as well
  • Twitter. No comments on this official app as well
  • LinkedIn. No comments on this official app as well
  • WordPress. No comments on this official app as well
  • Stanza. Far better than iBooks overall as an ebook reader
  • RunMonster Lite. Neat app for recording workouts like walking, running etc
  • Dragon Dictate. Neat app for speech to text. Dictate your email, notes etc

My list of apps from Cydia has really been cut short after the ongoing improvements in the iOS, currently at 4.2.1

  • Vicky Voice. Nice voice prompts for email, sms etc
  • WinterBoard. Required for the above and other themes
  • SBSettings. For easy access to feature toggles
  • Activator. Assign gestures to quit app, lock device etc., instead of using the home button

More on Jailbreak and Unlock later…I have a factory unlocked iPhone, so…that can wait 🙂