Highly skilled professional with almost 30 years of hands-on experience in software product development including business modelling, resource management, security, mobility and programming.

Proficient in a variety of programming languages, frameworks and platforms. Well-developed organisational, planning, communication and process optimisation skills.

Designed, developed and owned numerous software products like IAVT (Intelligent AntiVirus Toolkit), IntelliPrint (Indian Languages under Windows 3.0), Intelligent Hair Styler etc, at the start of my career. Have also authored two books; “A Date with a Computer Virus” and “Chipping In”. A reviewer for various magazines like PC Quest, PC Magazine India etc, besides having run the Solutions! BBS for over 5 years.

Have worked in senior positions across a wide variety of companies including Adobe, Innodata, ACL, Beehive Systems etc.

Other experience includes network and systems management, infrastructure disaster prevention and recovery, large scale software deployment and management as well as client support.

Specialties: Product Concept and Design, Software Architecture & Design, Product Engineering, Embedded, Team Building & Mentoring, Network Infrastructure, R&D Based Projects, Cross-Platform Projects, Internet Technologies, Security and Mobility.

Just like the Solutions! BBS, it is time that I start sharing my learning with others around me…

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