StreamNation Shutter – Unlimited Photos & Videos

StreamNation has released it’s new app called Shutter which offers unlimited cloud storage for mobile photos and videos upto a duration of an hour.

The app is currently iOS only and an Android version will be released soon.

Sounds good? So it seems. It works as advertised excepting for a few sticky points…

  1. iPhone 5s SloMo will be converted to normal speed
  2. No option to choose what to upload from your iOS photos app. It will upload all!

Other than the above points, it seems a viable alternate to Flickr. In fact, it seems to work a lot better than Flickr considering that this is just the initial release and Flickr leaves a lot to be desired even after the year or so it has already been around (after the free 1TB for all).

Shutter allows you to share the content either privately or over social networks. The organisation seems to be better than Flickr at first glance.

There is a catch…as always…unlimited storage is only for photos or videos taken from the mobile device. Any other content is limited to a 5 GB free limit.

Let’s see how this turns out…

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