Electronic Cigarettes

For smokers, there are 2 vendors in India that one can look at.


Both have similar offerings.

SteamLite is somewhat more expensive, looks and feels better and has a very responsive sales team and a just about working site. Do not try to pay online as it will take you to Paypal and wants you to pay in British Pounds. Not sure if this is legal, asking for payments in Forex for an Indian company. CoD costs Rs.99/- regardless of the value of the order. The infused flavors are extremely mild and one might not even feel them. Their atomizers and brown cartridges seem to have some major issues. Don’t bother with their e-liquid pack, it’s expensive and useless. Stick to the black cartridges and cartomizers and forget the brown ones. They are constructed differently and therefore the difference.

SmokeFree on the other hand, has a debatable customer support, badly done web site, but, okay product wise. BTW, they have just raised their prices for the products recently, although still lower than SteamLite. Overall, this offers good value if you forget about customer support of any kind. Most accessories like USB chargers seems to be permanently out of stock and you would need to purchase a more expensive kit to get an additional charger. CoD costs nothing additional if the order value is over Rs.1000/-. They also give you smoke points for every order which can be redeemed for the next order. Unfortunately, the points system does not seem to work as expected. Despite all the negatives here, the infused flavors are good, specially the coffee and menthol. The recent addition of the tank atomizer makes it a better choice. Ideally, don’t bother with the other products and just get the new premium kit which has the tank atomizer with the e-liquid. Although not very well designed when it comes to re-filling, it works better than the conventional e-cig and cartridge packs.

In either case, get a kit first and check out which flavor and brand you prefer. Both have decent kits around the Rs.1000/- range.

To conclude, it would have been a difficult choice between the two, but, the new tank atomizer on SmokeFree wins for now. If SteamLite also got a tank atomizer and improved the quality of the e-liquid flavors, then, there would be no competition and they would win hands down.

4 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes

  1. Hello,

    We have recently added, support desk monitoring software and our top management now looks at it daily. Also the Smoke Points are working now. There was some browser related issue that we solved.

    Also our flavors are synthesized in India and we have a company established in India, unlike others.

    Also if you could let us know about what you did not like about our website, we will improve the same as we take customer experience very seriously.

    Sheetal Verma


    • Hi Sheetal,

      I waited for a couple of my orders before responding to your comments and yes, I do see some improvements and here are my current observations.

      1. Your site seems to be maintained and monitored now and the online chat worked when I had an issue placing a new order. Multiple flavours were shown in the generated order instead of just the one that I selected. This was fixed in a few hours after the online chat.

      2. The logistics seem to have improved as the last order was delivered in 3 days time, which is okay compared to over a week for my first one. Do keep in mind that if I order something from eBay from a vendor in Mumbai, I generally get it the next day by noon, so, lot of improvement possible in delivering from Gurgaon to Delhi.

      3. The packaging and labelling leaves a lot to be desired. I had ordered a premium kit along with an e-liquid bottle in a different flavour. The e-liquid in the premium kit did not have any label about the flavour. The same applies even now. If I order 2 kits, I would have no clues as to which bottle is which unless I label them myself.

      4. Although my smoke points were adjusted for the last order, when I finally managed to get the call through, it was the last 3 orders that the smoke points were missing, not just the last 1. Not really an issue, but, if you have a feature, it should work as expected.

      5. Unlike SteamLite, you have no warranty on your products. For example, one of the kits I got, always leaks the liquid into the mouth and is not really usable.

      Overall, yes, I see the improvements and my suggestion would be to improve the packaging and logistics in delivery and perhaps offer some warranty on your products and have them replaced by being picked up on the next order instead of trying to have the customer send them back (somewhat like Flipcart and what eBay is now starting).

      Being a customer, it is also in my interest that you do well and therefore these comments.

      All the best and hope you become the company of choice when it comes to e-cigs.


  2. Steamlite electronic cigarettes do not include any sort of tobacco and proves to be an excellent alternative for heavy smokers as this nicotine free alternative enable them quit their unhealthy habit. The foremost advantage of these cigarettes is they do not include any sort of tobacco and thus: do not release any sort of negative effects over body.


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