Onida Google Certified Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (UIC)

I finally decided to get a 4k TV and the choice was between a custom Android MI TV or the latest offering from Onida which is supposedly Google certified and runs Android 8.

After much deliberation, I decided to go for the Onida offering since it was much better on paper as far as application compatibility was concerned and also the price.

Flipkart, like Amazon, is my on my trusted list of online vendors, unlike some others.

So, I placed an order for a 50″ UIC Onida TV on the 28th of August 2018 and it was delivered the very next day. The installation was scheduled for the 31st of August 2018.

The delivery personnel was professional and opened the TV box to show me that the TV was delivered in good condition and there was no physical damage to it. I could not see any damage as such and signed off on the delivery.

Since the TV was out of the box (which I could not have done alone), I decided to plug it in to make sure the unit was functional. The power light came on and I was quite happy that there was no damage and the TV seemed to work…

I put in new batteries on the remote and tried to power on the TV and nothing happened. Although I could see a light blink on the remote by pressing any button, the TV refused to respond.

That got me a bit worried and I called the Onida customer care only to get an assurance that the installation team would fix all issues once they came for the installation.

Not the kind of answer that comforted me after having purchased a brand new 50″ TV. I found no review or information on the net excepting for the Onida promo which I had already seen before placing the order.

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