The Great Courses – Must check this out!

I came across this one accidentally when someone was watching one of these courses. I checked out the site and it is definitely worth spending some time on.

They have a huge variety of courses in subjects ranging from History, Literature, Mathematics, Sciences to Cyber Security and Big Data. Although a bit pricey when compared to some of the purely technical course sites, but, seems to be worth it given the quality of the content.

Some of the fundamental courses seem to be great for school and college going students. I only wish these kind of resources had been available when I was in that age group.

There are previews of the courses and a synopsis that you can check out for each course.

When I tried to access the site a few days ago, it was down for some upgrades and I got the following message with a $10 discount coupon in case someone is interested.

Since you've "caught us" during the upgrade, you get a special coupon code!
Use code NEWTGC to get $10 Off Any Order * placed by Sunday, August 3rd, 2014.