Runtastic Pro – Free for now…

Have not checked on the iOS version since I don’t use the iPhone anymore, but, the Android version of Runtastic can be converted to the Pro version by using the “APPOFTHEDAY” coupon in the Settings->Runtastic->Enter Promotion Code.

The Runtastic Pro version is listed for ₹5/- only!!!

iOS Password Box – Create a free account NOW!

Although PasswordBox has a queue system similar to MailBox, there is a way to get a new account without the wait. PasswordBox will be free for lifetime for the first million users.

Okay, now, the how-to part. Open this link in Google Chrome to install the PasswordBox plugin. That’s it!

The plugin will allow you to create a new, free account, without the waiting queue. The Chrome plugin also allows you to import passwords from some of the most popular applications.


While it lasts…