Mojave…Deadly update!

Oh well…Cook does it again!

After a couple of days of using this “update” on my brand new 2018 top end MacBook Pro, the only advice I have is…Do NOT update to this Mojave thingy.

There are too many bugs which did not even exist earlier, and unless you are a hardcore techie, it will probably kill your external storage beyond normal repair.

System apps will get stuck and refuse to quit (Disk Utility, System Info and the likes).

There are a lot more issues than just the ones mentioned above.

Let’s look at these issues logically…A company that hypes a dark theme as the biggest/major feature, is obviously gone down the drain.

I took the risk of purchasing the top end 2018 model here, only to be hugely disappointed as I have been for the last 5+ years with Apple.