Luminar 4 – No Sky No Problem…Just a bug!

This is just a followup after the previous video where Luminar could not detect the sky when it was very obvious in the image. Even the “trick” I tried did not work within Luminar.

This is just one of the bugs and nuances of Luminar 4. If I export the same file as a raster (JPG, TIF etc) it works, but, you cannot process the image as you would a raw file.

Interestingly, if you export from Lightroom as a DNG raw file, even though the image looks exactly the same as the one Luminar 4 could not replace the sky on, it does so on the DNG file. There are, perhaps, issues that go deeper than just this…

For now, you can use this workaround to use the Luminar 4 AI power. If you do not have Lightroom or similar, Adobe has a free DNG converter at

My advice would be to edit the DNG in Luminar instead of a JPG/TIF.

#Photography #Nikon #Luminar #Birding #Landscape

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