Birders would love Luminar 4!

If you ignore the DAM (Digital Asset Management) part, it is probably the simplest to use to create dramatic enhancements in just a few clicks. Of course, it is not without the bugs and nuances that most such applications would almost always have, but, it is quite stable and works as advertised.

It has automatic, AI-based, enhancements which are not matched by any other such application currently. The support for layers is far better implemented than ON1 Photo Raw which insists on creating a new file for layers.

Birders would love this for BIFs and more…

Luminar 4 can really make dramatic changes and make images really pop without any high-end editing skills. I would recommend this for all class of users. I use this along with Lightroom. LR manages my image collection and Luminar gives me dramatic images in a snap like no other application can.

Let’s dive in and see what Luminar 4 can do…

These are all my shots from the rooftop during the lockdown. Let’s see how we can transform some of these…

Overall, birders would love Luminar and beginners would have a ball 🙂

Would I use Luminar? Absolutely yes for some of the features that really help in making better images in a hurry.

#Photography #Nikon #Luminar #Birder #Portrait

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