Capture One 20 Pro 13 vs Lightroom Classic 9 – Not really!

I was excited about the lower-priced Nikon version and went ahead to get a trial version of the full Capture One 20 Pro. Three days later, after watching quite a few of their videos while trying to import my Lightroom catalog, I gave up.

In short…This is not really meant to be a LR replacement. Like Luminar 4, you can use it as an add-on for some specific purposes, but not as a replacement.

While Capture One has some good features for raw processing that would be really welcome in LR, but, it also lacks quite a few. For example, HDR or Panorama merging, maps to geotag images and some more.

You would still land up using PS of Affinity Photo for more. Given the price of Capture One, I do not believe it is for me. The LR+PS combo beats it for features and usability.

I have around 50k images in a LR catalog and the import was chugging along even after 24 hours. I cancelled out of that. There seems to be no way to pause or continue later.

Then, I tried a direct import of the folder and then decided to cancel out and try smaller catalogs exported from LR. Capture One hung during the cancel and had to kill it.

Anyway, I exported year-wise catalogs from LR and was successful in importing 2 of those and started the third. So far so good I thought and then I plugged in my camera to import my rooftop shots for today…

Capture One, which was busy importing a catalog that I had exported from LR, popped up a dialog for the camera and on cancelling it, it just stopped the import and the building of previews. Really!!!

Anyway, it had already failed to import some of my older Canon 450D CR2 files, some Nikon NEF files as also some DNG files from my mobile phone. Above all, it even failed on a TIF file saved from PS. I do not believe that this is really acceptable.

Another little nuance I noticed later that the auto preview size might not match your monitor resolution as can be seen between Capture One and Lightroom for my MacBook Pro.

Oh well, I guess I will wait for Capture One 20 Pro Release 14 or 15 before I try it again…

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