Apple – The buggiest software & firmware of all time…

After having waited for quite some time and seen the Yosemite and iOS 8 updates, all I can say is perhaps that Apple has released the buggiest software and firmware of all time. The competition is non-existent as it was. As a colleague of mine put it, they just need to stay ahead of the competition. Steve Jobs put Apple years ahead and now Apple is pulling back a few years with every buggy release.

Even at this rate, Apple will remain ahead as far as iOS is concerned since Google still seems to be figuring out Android and Microsoft going no place particular.

OS X is a different story though…Apple is still struggling with WiFi, devices etc including their own hardware like the time capsule and iPhones. Anyone tried using the latest iTunes to set up a new device and already had a couple of thousand apps and music? You would already have felt the pain. Nothing works as expected in OS X including Safari. For quite a few online stores, including eBay, I have to run Chrome or FireFox.

Anyway, the list of issues is simply too long and most of it can be found in a variety of forums around the Internet including Apple’s own forums. Personally, I would not be looking at anything with the “Apple” label for now, I already have too much invested to completely throw it away, but, will avoid any more for now.

Now that I am done with Apple and the untried and untested releases they keep coming up with, I have been spending more time on something more worthwhile…Photography. More on photography and the eCom sites in India in the upcoming posts…

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