iOS 8.0.2 – Extremely buggy and slow – Best Avoided for now…

Apple has pushed out yet another un-tried and un-tested release for iOS 8. There are too many issues to list out here. 8.0.1 worked better on the iPhone 5.

For starters though, FaceTime appears to be quite broken in different ways and combinations. Extremely laggy on the iPad 3, not that iOS 7 was a speed demon. The only way to fix the intermittent issues seems to be to reset the device, and the issues come right back after sometime. These are results from a clean restore of iOS 8.0.2 since 8.0.1 had issues when upgrading (according to Apple).

Since I use FaceTime on a daily basis, iOS 8.0.2 is a dead release for me. There is also the little issue of FaceTime being made difficult to use since there are no favourites you can just add once and dial from a structured list. The audio and video calls are now in tabs and you need to select what kind of call you want to make in the audio section. Anyway, UI/UX issue have been there since iOS 7, it just keeps getting worse.

In short, if you are on iOS 7, stay there, unless, you are feeling adventurous over the weekend.

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