Wiper – Yet another private messaging & call app

We have yet another entry in the messaging arena on iOS and Android called Wiper.

Like most such apps, this is also an iPhone only app. Even though it claims compatibility with the iPad, but, is not a universal app. The name sounds very similar to a far better known app called Viber and some might get confused between the two names.

Unlike most comparable apps, Wiper insists on an email ID as well as a phone number before you can start. It then sends a verification code on the entered email ID. I wonder if this is a better way of scaling or saving on the SMS hassle and cost…

Anyway, it works as advertised so far. The voice calls works as does the messaging. Messages can also be sent while talking. Messages include the usual text, photos and video. There is no support for location or other file types. Group chats are also missing.

Wiper tries to differentiate from other “private” messaging apps by allowing you to wipe out your conversations when you want to. Yes, you have to wipe an entire conversion when you want to. You cannot wipe out a single message. Also, when you wipe any conversation, the person on the other side is notified of the action.

It seems to be a wanna be attempt like so many others, although the UI/UX is just about reasonable. Currently, Telegram is a far better choice for messaging than Wiper. If you do not require the combination of the voice and messaging systems, you can give Wiper a skip for now. Let’s see how it turns out in the near future.

People who use apps like SnapChat might want to check this one out as well…

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