BBM available for iOS and Android…Again!

Well…once again, Blackberry has made the BBM available for iOS and Android. The interesting fact of this rollout is that Blackberry has a queue system like MailBox and PasswordBox for iOS earlier. It would seem that a company that catered to millions of users should have been able to deal with the traffic caused by the new BBM users, but, like many startups, it chose to go the queue way.

Unlike the other startups that queued up users and scaled slowly to provide a better end user experience, Blackberry has major issues even with existing users like my account. It keeps telling me that I am in queue on my Android device. So much for end user experience.

Blackberry, like most others, seems to have missed the point of releasing BBM for iOS and Android. They have completely ignored the tablet segment. While this might seem okay for the Android part, ignoring the iPad is not a very wise idea.

Let’s see how the multi-platform BBM shapes up. For now, it does not look very encouraging.

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