Apple iOS 7 – Beta 4 – Minor UI updates, all older issues remain!

After having spent almost a day with the new beta 4 of iOS 7, I am somewhat disappointed. The only changes seem to be UI related like some more work on improving text overlaps, some app icons that were not displayed properly earlier, are now as they should, the notification centre now shows the clear button, a new animated download of attachments in mail, some cleanup in the phone call buttons etc. There is also a new “Bluetooth Sharing” option under Privacy.

There is no change in the UX that I could see excepting the addition of the age old text “>” on the lock screen before the “Slide (nothing) to unlock” message. The calendar remains as useless as before. The disaster of the so called “Apple Maps” remain, no control over the control centre etc etc. Effectively, all the earlier issues remain as they were.

There is a also a beta 1 of iTunes for the Mac, which, like the first beta of iOS 7, seems to be more of a “do nothing” developer preview than a real, feature complete, beta.

Let’s wait and watch if there are any visible or usable changes/improvements in beta 5…

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