Updated to iTunes 11.0.3? Here is what the “buggy” update gets!

The all new iTunes update with all the bug fixes and updates comes with all new bugs.

The first one is that it seems to have major issues accessing the store across different accounts. A common message that you would see on just running iTunes is like:

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 2.02.07 AM

Personally, I have never seen this error message ever in the past. If this is not enough, when I tried to sync and update my iDevices, I had to re-authorise the computer. Interestingly, it also decremented my authorisation count.

Of course there is the usual confusing UI change as well. All of a sudden I cannot check for updates under the “Apps” sidebar, we now have a brand new “updates” tab under it for the same purpose. Also, if you have a 17+ rated app in your update list, iTunes will stop at that update and force you to click on “update all” to continue to add the other updates to the downloads.

There are a lot many other issues with iTunes and OS X which I will cover later…once I have checked out this new iTunes update a bit more.

Once again, like the iOS and OS X updates, yet another improperly tested update slips through Apple for release.

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