The biggest drawback of the Apple iPad 3G – Why a SMS app is required!

Ever since I started using an iPad as a secondary device to my iPhone, I discovered one major issue with the iPad 3G. The WiFi only iPads do not have this problem.

I already have a postpaid data plan on the iPhone and in order to minimise cost, I got a pre-paid plan for the iPad so I would not land up paying for a fixed on a monthly basis. I use different ISPs for my postpaid iPhone plan and the pre-paid iPad plan as no one ISP covers all locations equally.

Most of the time, I do not require using the iPad data since I would generally be in a WiFi area or use my iPhone’s data connection for the iPad.

Now comes the problem area. For places that I already know that my postpaid ISP has issues, I can charge the pre-paid SIM on my iPad, but, I have no way of checking if the charge has been done, or, how much is left.

In short, an iPad 3G as a second device, is an expensive or complex proposition without a SMS app. The SMS app is required to check on the pre-paid status. We all know that the iPad has had that functionality since the first generation (via jailbreak apps). For some strange reason, Apple still refuses to include a proper SMS app in the iPad 3G where is it really required.

Actually, a proper SMS app on the iPad 3G would also ease out the authentication process for a variety of communication apps which use SMS authentication.

The same applies to people who want to minimise cost and use the iPad 3G as a primary device. With most homes and offices having WiFi, including limited Guest WiFi connections available, a pre-paid plan can be a lot cheaper than a fixed, monthly, post-paid one.

So, now we have two very good reasons why Apple should include an SMS app on the iPad 3G.

Cost optimisation using a pre-paid plan and SMS authentication.

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