No comments on Windows 8?

For those who know me and are wondering why I have no comments on Windows 8 so far, well, here are my views.

As far as I am concerned, Windows 8 is a far worse example of a desktop OS than Vista was. Putting a table/phone/device UI design on a desktop in a hurry was probably one of the worst ideas for any company.

Personally, I would not touch or pay for the desktop edition of any variation of Windows 8 nor would I recommend the same to anyone. I have tried the previews and the evals, but, I’ll wait till it is usable.

Regarding the Windows 8 devices, it’s just too early to actually spend money on. I did try a few phones, seemed to be like the old not-so-smart phones, and has some way to go.

Anyway, I do not have a PC anymore, of any kind, after almost 25 years. All my current hardware is Apple and I am not too unhappy about it since there is nothing better currently. I hope Microsoft and/or Google wake up sometime so we have at least equivalent or better options. Who knows, maybe Ubuntu will win out…

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